Bottled products: Jams & Chutneys

Made with our own organic products In sympathy with nature and respectful to the environment french version

Sample our Jams & Chutneys

Our Jams

Our jams are not certified organic; however principal ingredients are organic. The blackcurrants and raspberries are from our own production and the sugar is certified organic. Sometimes we are able to provide cherry or plum jams which are made with non-treated fruit from a neighbour's orchard.

Our Chutneys

We produce the principal ingredients for our chutneys: butternut squash, potimarron squash (uchiki kuri) and beetroot. The apples come from a neighbours orchard and are not treated with chemicals. The spices, vinegar, dried fruit and onions are not certified organic.

What is chutney ?

Chutney is a sweet and sour condiment, made with fruits and vegetables cooked with a mixture of vinegar, sugar and spices. Originating in India, it is there most often eaten raw and rarely sweet. Durung the colonial epoch the english began to commercialise it adding sugar and pulling back on chilli content judged too strong. It has become a British speciality now available in many different flavours.

How to use chutney ?

Traditionally, chutney accompanied curry dishes. Today it is served with roast vegetables, certain meats, cheese or as an apperitif. It serves to enhance natural flavours (like mustard). It is normally served cold.

Our Chilli Products

The chillies used are from our own production; a Jalapeno variety which reddens with the sun. The sugar used is organic but certain ingredients (vinegar, salt, olive oil) are not.

Organic Products

All fruits and vegetables which come from our own production are now fully certified organic. We work with the seasons, without polytunnels, without chemical fertiliser or pesticide.

Organic Sugar

The only sugar used in our bottling process is organic.

Bottled products for sale, 2019/20
  Product    Francais    Weight    Price  Season
  Blackcurrant Jam  Confiture de Cassis   420g  4-30Summer
  Blackberry Jam  Confiture de Mûre   420g  4-30Summer
  Fig Jam : chunky  Confiture de Figue : morceaux   380g  3-90Summer
  Fig Jam + Orange   Confiture de Figue + Orange   380g  3-90Summer
  Beetroot Chutney  Chutney de Betterave   380g  3-90Autumn
  Butternut Chutney  Chutney de Butternut   380g  3-90Autumn
  Chilli-peppers, red & green  Piments forts, rouge & vert   380g  5-80Autumn
  Red Chilli-Sauce 100%   Sauce de Piments fort 100%   250g  4-90Autumn
  Sweet Chilli-Sauce 20%   Sauce de Piments sucrée 20%   250g  3-80Autumn
  Chilli-Sauce SS 20%   Sauce de Piments SS 20%   250g  3-80Autumn